Good quality WordPress themes and plugins

by Double Bastion - Updated May 10, 2022

Regarding the themes that you can use to build a WordPress website, you have a lot of themes to choose from. Some gratis or paid themes are specialized, some are general-purpose. We will only recommend the gratis version of the following general-purpose themes, although they can be difficult to customize:

We don’t recommend using page builders, unless you have to build websites quickly and the page loading speed is not so important.

Regarding the plugins that you can install in a WordPress website, we should mention that they are so numerous and difficult to test one by one, that it’s difficult to choose the best plugin for a specific task. We can only recommend the WordPress plugins from below. They are not perfect. Their quality ranges from acceptable to excellent. However, we consider that for the moment, they are the best for their task.

You may notice that the plugins that we recommend below are not always the most popular ones. There were always good reasons for why we didn’t choose the plugins with the largest number of installations, such as bloated code, negative impact on page loading speed, etc.

WordPress pluginFunction
WPS Hide LoginChange URL of WordPress login page
Nginx CachePurge Nginx cache when content changes in WordPress
Captcha Them AllAdd an independent captcha to WordPress forms
Contact Form 7Add contact forms and other types of forms
Widget ContextShow or hide widgets depending on the page
Cookie Notice & Consent Banner
for GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Cookie notice for GDPR & CCPA compliance
SEOPress, on-site SEOSEO helper plugin
CC Child PagesDisplay child pages as images with titles on parent pages
Responsive Vertical Icon MenuVertical menu that can be displayed in a widget
Master Slider – Responsive Touch SliderResponsive slider with touch navigation
Max Mega MenuCreate an elegant, user-friendly and touch-ready menu
Grid/List View for WooCommerceToggle grid/list view of WooCommerce products
WooCommerce Product Image FlipperFlip WooCommerce product image on hover
Custom Shipping Methods for WooCommerceSet up custom shipping methods in WooCommerce
Currency Switcher for WooCommerceSwitch currency of displayed prices for WooCommerce products
Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member SubscriptionsImplement paid member subscriptions
KB Support – WordPress Help DeskImplement help desk services
WooCommerceE-commerce platform

All the recommendations from above are based on our experience and on the experience of other honest users.

We have to point out that Double Bastion has no affiliation with the companies or developers that created the themes and plugins recommended above.

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