Our software

by Double Bastion - Updated April 21, 2022

Below is a list with the programs developed and maintained by Double Bastion:


Sync WooCommerce with Dolibarr

A WordPress plugin that connects and synchronizes WooCommerce with Dolibarr ERP/CRM.


Sync Dolibarr with WooCommerce

A Dolibarr module that synchronizes product stock and order status between Dolibarr and WooCommerce.


A browser phone in the form of a Nextcloud application. It connects to SIP providers via Asterisk or directly.


A Nextcloud application that enables users to send and receive SMS messages using their browser.


A Nextcloud application that allows sending faxes and viewing received faxes in the browser.


A fully featured browser phone that implements audio/video calling, video conferencing and text messaging using SIP over WebSocket and WebRTC.


System Health and Security Probe

A program that runs periodically to assess the general health and security of the system and to send email reports to the admin.


RED SCARF Suite Panel

An admin panel that lists all the components of RED SCARF Suite installed on the server and offers information of vital importance about the general health and security status of the system.